Advancing information extraction field with an open-source AI models

Knowledgator is an open-source ML research organization focused on expanding human knowledge through fundamental models for information extraction

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We democratize efficient AI for information extraction


Our core is open-source. We believe in advancing AI through transparency and shared innovation, inviting you to join us in shaping technology for the common good

Addressing generative AI limitations

Focused on groundbreaking research, we develop ML solutions for information extraction that overcome the limitations of large-scale generative models, ensuring resource efficiency and task-specific precision

Easy Access and Integration

Access and tailor open ML solutions with unparalleled ease, ensuring our models integrate smoothly into your workflow

Maximize models efficiency with tailored services

We offer custom fine-tuning and deployment services for your specific needs

Cost-optimized excellence

Leveraging deep technical expertise for smart model optimization, delivering high performance with cost mindfulness

In-Depth Customization

As creators and constant innovators of our technology, we offer unparalleled customization, tailoring our ML models to meet your unique needs

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Consistent and comprehensive post-deployment assistance, ensuring our solutions evolve and remain effective alongside your usage

Providing a unique approach to information extraction

lean ai with scalable performance

Our baseline models achieve an 83% precision rate across diverse domains. Their compact size, 10 times smaller than alternatives generative models, opens vast potential for further scalability and performance optimization


Whether it's a large document or a complex biological data, our models are equipped to process up to 100k tokens, ensuring no detail is missed


Transparency and traceability are fundamental to our models. We employ symbolic logical reasoning to ensure the validation of outputs, delivering accurate and free from “hallucinations” results

Efficient fine-tuning with minimal data

With fewer parameters, our models require less training data, simplifying the fine-tuning process. We're pioneering few-shot learning that needs only 10-20 examples per label for effective training

Multi-modal adaptability

Aiming to bridge modalities, we're enhancing our models to adeptly extract information from varied data types, including sequential data(DNA) and images, paving the way for truly universal information extraction capabilities

fast Data Processing

Our models excel in speed, delivering efficient data processing, 6-8 abstracts / second, making them easier to deploy in a wide range of applications

Your Ideas, Our Technology: Join Our Collaborative Community

Connect on Hugging Face and Discord to collaborate and innovate in open-source information extraction


How do I start using your API?
Begin by signing up for a free trial on the RapidAPI marketplace. Refer to our detailed documentation for a smooth integration process.Alternatively, you can experiment with our APIs on the AI Playground without any registration.
Can you provide details on your pricing?
Check pricing details on the here, which features various subscription plans to match your needs. For high-demand scenarios, please contact us for customized solutions.
Are multiple languages supported by your models?
Yes, there are 9 languages available: English, Portuguese, French, German, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, Ukrainian, Russian.
How can I receive support for API issues?
For assistance with any API issues, please access our support through multiple channels listed here. Our team is ready to provide prompt and effective help through your preferred contact method.
I need to fine-tune the model for specific requirements. How can I achieve this?
We provide a tailored end-to-end fine-tuning service to refine our NLP models for up to 99% precision for your specific needs. Send us a request, describe your specific needs and we will take care of data annotation and model training, delivering you a customized model for your needs.
Can I consult with your team for a unique use case?
We are always eager to discuss and understand your specific needs. Schedule a consultation with us here, and we will explore how our solutions can effectively address your unique challenges.
I need to fine-tune the model for specific requirements. How can I achieve this?
Yes, we provide a range of resources including documentation, tutorials, and a developer forum to assist those new to NLP technology in leveraging our APIs effectively:
- Documentation
- Community
- Support

Join us in our mission to revolutionize information extraction

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